Wildlife Gardening for Photography - Athina England

Having moved into a brand new house our garden was just laid to turf, there were no boarders or flowers. In the year and a half since we moved in we have planted 3 boarders, several trees, various bird feeders and more recently a pond.

All of the plants that we picked for our garden have been chosen for how good they are for wildlife. A large number of them are ‘bee blue’ these are flowers that are blue or purple because bee’s base the colours they can see on ultraviolet light. However, bees can’t see Red flowers as this is not in the ultraviolet spectrum. These plants are also beneficial for butterflies.

But why does this all matter?

Number 1: The flowers that the plants themselves produce are beautiful and provide a wealth of photographic opportunities.

Number 2: The plants attract a wide range of insects that a beneficial to the birds that come to my garden but also provide me another subject to photograph.

Number 3: And the most important one. It’s helping nature in my local area. It’s helping the bees and other animals that come into my garden.

How can you do the same?

When buying plants look for ones that have a symbol of a bee or a butterfly on them.They will help to attract the insects.

Once you’ve got your garden sorted you can use some of the techniques in my previous blog about macro photography to capture photographs of the flowers and insects.