Macro Photography - Athina England

Macro photography is one of my favourite types of photography as you can probably guess from all of the flower photos that I post.

But what is Macro photography?

Macro photography is: photography where you increase the size of an object in the picture from roughly half life-size to around five times life size.

This can give extra detail to flowers, insects or everyday objects that you have lying around the house.

There are many ways to create these images from buying a dedicated Macro lens (like me), using extension tubes on lenses that you already have or macro filters that you add like any other filter to the front of your lens. Most of my early pictures were taken with a macro filter as I wanted to explore macro photography before I bought a lens. I highly recommend them as an easy low cost way to start out in this world. They take some getting used to but once your used to them then there will be no stopping you.

Why not go out in your garden on a bug hunt and see what you can find. Take some pictures and share your results.