Autumn Photography - Athina England

What's nicer than going for a walk on a brisk Autumn day? The leaves are changing colour, there are fungi emerging on forest floors, conkers are for the picking. All providing the perfect subject for photography.

Autumn is a season of change, a season of fiery colours and fireworks which should see people grabbing their cameras and get out there to capture them. It doesn't matter whether it's in your own back garden, your street or a local park there are plenty of things left to capture.

The kids can even join in kicking the leaf piles that have accumulated under trees can make magical pictures. It's the start of the deer rutting season but be careful not to get to close.

There are also Autumn crocuses out in flower and plenty of other flowers still in bloom giving you the perfect chance to practice your flower photography skills.

The light at this time of year also makes aviation photography a good idea, get to the airport earlier and make sure you don't have the sun behind you otherwise you will end up with silhouettes (unless that's what you want of course).

Look out for a misty morning as that can add drama to any photo, woods take on an eery quality as the mist floats through the trees. Some artificial lighting may be needed as it can be difficult to pick up the detail of the trees.

Whatever the subject. Now is the the perfect time to go out wander and see what you can capture.