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Athina England is an Aviation and Garden Photographer. Her passions stem from her love of being outdoors.

Having always wanted to be a pilot since a young girl Athina has channelled this passion into her aviation photography. Travelling around the country to airshows you will always find her sat at the side of the runway with her camera pointing to the skies. She specialises in general aviation images which are submitted to newspapers and magazines for publication. Ultimately it is the thrill of seeing the aircraft that she loves.

When not photographing aircraft you will find Athina wandering around peoples gardens snapping pictures of their beautiful flowers and the structure of their garden. Athina loves nothing better than reconnecting with nature. Her specialism is plant portraits but she also photographs gardens as a whole. Whilst walking around the gardens and gardens shows she collects ideas for her own garden.

Photography for Athina is not just a job it is a way of escapism.

A small selection of her images are displayed on this website and if the image you are looking for is not shown then please feel free to contact us.

National garden scheme - Runner up Professional Category: Best overall category

National Trust Accredited Photographer

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