Royal International Air Tattoo 2017 - Athina England
Iceland Air's Hekla Aurora Landing at Manchester Airport 22 October 2016

Just over a week ago my 6 days of sitting at the side of a runway in the cold and pouring rain started. All in the name of taking photographs. I was not the only mad person who was doing this by the way. There were many others and luckily we did have a few glimpses of the sunshine.

The main thing though is that this is the worlds biggest Military Airshow. It is the place to be if you want to see planes and being a bit of a plane fanatic I loved it. I also loved the chance to get some dynamic shots of planes that I have never seen before and ones that I have seen many times. Even with the grey clouds the number of lenses pointing to the skies was phenomenal. As a plane flew by you say the everyones cameras move in unison.

Not only was there action in the air there was also the chance to get a bit arty with the aircraft on the static line and take some closeup pictures of the aircrafts airframe. You also got the chance to the see the planes in detail.

This summer there are many airshows on all across the country why not go along to one and enjoy the thrill of the action for yourself and of course don't forget your camera.