Photography Kit Review (Part 1) - Athina England

Chinook taken at RIAT with the Sigma 150-600mm

The Sigma 150-600mm Sport lens or the Bigma as I have nicknamed it is a large lens aimed at Wildlife and Sports photographers a like. However, it has also become a firm favourite on the airshow circuit.

When I ordered the lens I hadn't actually seen it or tested it. I had just read reviews on many of the photography websites out there. Doh! I never realised how heavy it would be. After sitting at the side of a runway for 6 days photographing aircraft you realise just how heavy the lens is and the fact that you should have gone to the gym before trying to use it for such a long time.

I should say that I have edited the settings on the lens using the sigma lens dock which I also purchased. This was because I knew that I was mainly going to be using it for aviation photography so wanted to tweak it so it would perform to it's best and believe me it does.

It keeps up with the fast moving action of aircraft but I have also used it to capture images of the moon and wildlife and it stands the test on both of these subjects as well.

If you are looking for a lens with a decent zoom at a reasonable price then look no further. But I would advise you to also take out a gym membership!