Holiday Ready - Athina England

Are you getting ready for your holiday? and want to take some great pictures that you can share with all your friends? Well don't despair it can be easier than you think.

1. Only take what you need and please don't forget the batteries you won't get very far without them :)

2. Research the destination that you are going to online. Most of the time people have already been there so you can see the sort of shots that you will be able to get

3. If you have a camera that allows you to set it in Aperture Priority more when photographing landscapes and try and sit the camera on a wall or something steady as you probably won'r be able to use a tripod

4. Get up early. I know you'll probably want to have a lie in but if you can beat the crowds you can get the better shots with the best light.

5. Look for patterns or interesting things to shoot. Anything that catches your eye and you think is a bit quirky or out of the ordinary.

6. Shooting into the sun will create silhouettes. If you can try and get the sun to poke out of a tree or between buildings.

Finally always carry your camera no matter where your going as you never know what you may see and capture but please be safe!